Does your organization process complaints and cases manually? Or do you have an outdated system that is due for an upgrade?

"Solutions" in the market are very complex and far from being user-friendly. We made it our goal to provide you with a solution that is user-friendly, comprehensive, customizable, and seamlessly automates your workflow process.

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The best software for companies looking to enhance their complaint and case tracking

Automation & Reminders
Document Management
Customizable Settings
Current & Legacy Software Modernization
Modernized & User-Friendly
Progress Management & Reporting
  • Efficient
    Prioritize tasks and set reminders
  • Automated
    Eliminate fragmentation
  • User Friendly
    Easy navigation throughout the system
  • Customizable
    Customization to fit any organization's goals and strategies
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    Collection of all data readily available for custom inquiry

Work efficiently and more accurately, minus the mishaps, with ECTS!

Some ECTS features include:

  • Data/document encryption in transit/at rest
  • Online hearing filing
  • Custom configurations per business unit
  • Configurable site settings

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