Management Philosophy & Methodology

Our goal on every engagement is to exceed our customer's expectations by effectively managing resources (Talent), to achieve the customer's business objectives within schedule (Time) and on budget (Treasure). ISSI employs appropriate resources on each project and we use industry recognized best practices to manage the schedule, scope and budget.

  • Proven Project Management — PMP methodologies and Resource Management, including earned value and iterative project management methodologies.
  • Requirements Driven — All sizes of projects, no last minute surprises, and effective change management. We use object-oriented analysis and design, and have adapted to other customer driven techniques, including business process analysis.
  • Process Driven — We have clients at the federal, state and county levels. Our engagements include IT consulting, facilities management, project management, product design and development, and employee training.
  • Customer Focused — Satisfied customers, timely delivery, within budget, on-time, rapid response, and quality products.
  • Commitment — Quality processes managing the full software life-cycle.
  • Communication — Timely progress reports, status meetings, progress reviews.

ISSI provides our customers with highly qualified information technology professionals. Our personnel have a broad range of experience in information systems, technologies and development methodologies. Our personnel employ proven, quality centric, development methodologies to create high quality software products.